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For students who need to move in earlier than their scheduled move-in date, you will qualify for early arrival housing if:. If you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible. All requests are subject to assigned space availability. If the academic year space is not ready by the requested move-in date due to construction, summer housing needs, or maintenance and housekeeping concerns, we may not be able to approve the request.

You will receive an email from the Office of Residence Life about the status of your request. Residents who choose to arrive early will not be able to use a meal plan at any of the on-campus locations.

Quincy University First Year Student Retreat - 2014

Plan accordingly to have extra funds available for this period. When arriving at campus, students must attend their respective check in process in the Health and Fitness Center unless otherwise directed by Residence Life. During that time I was just a music producer, "making beats" for people in the D.

Metro area. In I decided to become an artist and needed headshots, so I began the search for photographers. I quickly realized that it cost less money to buy a professional camera than it did to hire a good photographer for one photoshoot, so I bought a camera instead.

After posting the photos I took of myself local artists, actors, and comedians starting offering me money to take their photos. I was broke, so I obliged and realized that I had a very deep love for capturing images. A couple years later, after I had moved to New York, and really focused on teaching myself how to write, direct, shoot, edit, and even do color correction.

What is your favorite on-set story? On a recent shoot, I was rehearsing an interrogation scene with my actors. In the scene all of the actors were supposed to be seated, but one take got so intense that one of the leads got out of her seat and got into the other actor's face. They immediately abandoned their lines and improvised based on this new energy.

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It was so amazing. I rewrote the scene on the spot and some version of that improvisation is what ended up in the short. Any time an actor comes to the set or their character with ideas and feels free enough to explore that, it REALLY amps me up. It's my favorite part of the process to see characters that have only lived in my head and on the page come to life before my eyes.

My mother was Dorothy Smith Marshall — that was her name. Her maiden name was Smith, but she married my father who was a great baseball player.

Quincy Jones

My father was the third greatest catcher of all time in the old Negro Leagues. Everybody used to come to my house. That was all her names. She always had books around the house. She was a great beauty — a beautiful woman — and a great reader. People loved her. Men loved her. You know what you was doing!

  1. Mahalia!
  2. Magister amoris: The Roman de la Rose and Vernacular Hermeneutics: The Roman De La Rose and Vernacular Hermeneutics.
  3. Não é Mel para a Boca do Anos (Portuguese Edition).

She was five feet two. She read everything. She would make me read books.

  • Here’s How to Help Your Students Find the Voices Missing From the Traditional Thanksgiving Story.
  • Argumente für und gegen Staatsverschuldung (German Edition);
  • First Year Seminar: Exploring Social Tolerance.
  • She made me not only read books, but she also made sure I had a library card to all the libraries in St. Louis — the county library, the city library, the local library — and I had to read all the books.

    Quincy Jones

    They had a prize for the most read books — it was a book with a worm through it. The people who used to vie for that was myself, Erlene Richardson, and this guy named Michael who went off the rails and got killed. Also, Walter Lipsey, who went to jail.

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    Walter was brilliant. I was. And Michael was. Erlene was more brilliant that all of us. She was the top student in the school. The contest was called Book Worms.

    Quincy Ledbetter: Do the work and don’t stop. – Film Pin Society

    So, a worm through a little plastic or steel or copper tunnel, and the bigger the worm, the better. There was first place, second place, third place.

    I used to always get second or third. I could never beat Erlene Richardson. Erlene Richardson read more books than all of us. I used to be mad as hell at her. One time she beat me by one book. She was smart! My father was also the heavyweight boxing champion for Golden Glove, open division, heavyweight boxing champion who knocked out 55 straight people. So, he did not play. He whooped me once, and I never forgot it — with his bare hand. I stayed with my mother and China downtown. He had told me to stay and watch the house.

    I went to play baseball and football. I came back, and he was in the house. He was six feet and three inches, weighed That whopping was too much. But if he told me to do something, I did it. He and my mother, I used to take her everywhere. But I was running with some bad guys. I was running with some killers.

    Fred was my good friend, went to Grambling with me. We both got kicked out of Grambling college … together. For beating up people.