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Despite his attempt to save Harry, Professor Snape maintains his antagonistic view of Harry and the two remain at odds until the very end of the series. In the attempt to protect the Sorcerer's Stone from Voldemort, Professor Snape creates the challenge with the riddle of the seven potions. Harry first meets Professor Quirrell at the Leaky Cauldron during his first visit to Diagon Alley and is struck by Quirrell's stammer and nervousness.

After working as professor of Muggles Studies at Hogwarts, Professor Quirrell took a year-long sabbatical during which, according to rumors, he had a confrontation with Albanian vampires. In actuality, Professor Quirrell encountered Voldemort and became seduced by the power of the Dark Arts. While at Hogwarts, his nervous appearence is only a cover while he attempts to steal the Sorcerer's Stone and bring Voldemort back to power.

In the meantime, Quirrell keeps Voldemort alive by sneaking into the Forbidden Forest and drinking unicorn blood. Although Harry only discovers Professor Quirrell's true nature at the end of the book, Professor Snape is aware of Quirrell's treachery almost immediately and attempts to keep Quirrell from hurting Harry and finding the Stone. In the attempt to protect the Sorcerer's Stone from Voldemort, Professor Quirrell creates the challenge with the troll. A first-year student in Gryffindor House and one of Harry's roommates.

Raised by his domineering grandmother, Neville is extremely nervous and forgetful and prone to mishaps, including breaking his wrist during the first flying lesson with Madam Hooch and suffering near-constant bullying from members of the Slytherin House. Over the course of the year, Neville grows in confidence and is eventually brave enough to stand up to Harry, Ron, and Hermione when they attempt to sneak out of Gryffindor tower. Harry's Muggle uncle and Petunia's husband. Described as a beefy man with a large mustache, Vernon Dursley happily spoils Dudley and is exceedingly proud when his son is accepted to Smeltings Academy, his own alma mater.

Vernon is particularly distrustful of Harry and shares Petunia's fear that the neighbors will find out about him. Vernon is particularly proactive in trying to stamp out the "dangerous nonsense" of the magical world, even to the point of moving the entire family to a tiny island in the middle of the ocean to avoid receiving mail from Hogwarts. Described as a thin, long-necked woman with blonde hair, Petunia spoils Dudley to excess while abusing Harry as much as possible.

Above all, Petunia worries about the opinions of others and is terrified that her neighbors will discover that Harry is a "freak. Harry's cousin and the son of Petunia and Vernon Dursley. Dudley is spoiled as an infant and grows to become an unpleasant and overweight young man who delights in bullying Harry and local children with Piers Polkiss and the rest of his gang. When Hagrid makes his appearence, Dudley receives his first consequence for bad behavior in life: Hagrid gives him the tail of a pig.

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A Snowy Owl that Hagrid gives to Harry as his eleventh birthday present. Harry chooses the name "Hedwig" after seeing it in one of his textbooks. Ollivander prides himself on his skill with selecting the perfect wand for each individual and is known as one of the best wandmakers in Britain. He has an uncanny ability to remember the precise details of every wand that he has ever sold and even identifies the specific wands that he sold to both of Harry's parents.

During his visit to Mr. Ollivander's shop, Harry is told that the core of his new wand contains a feather from the same phoenix that provided one for Voldemort's wand. Ron Weasley's identical twin brothers.

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Both third-year students in Gryffindor, Fred and George are known for playing pranks on students and family members alike and enjoy teasing Ron in particular. Harry's father. A member of Gryffindor House, James distinguished himself at Hogwarts with his skills at Quidditch and propensity to get into trouble.

James had a particularly enemy at school in the form of Severus Snape, who despises Harry because of his similarities to his father. Harry sees his father and mother for the first time in the reflection of the Mirror of Erised and later receives a photo album from Hagrid that contains numerous photographs of both Lily and James Potter. Harry's mother and Petunia Dursley's sister.

A graduate of Hogwarts in Gryffindor House and a gifted witch, Lily was killed by Voldemort when she refused to step aside and allow him to kill Harry.

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Her sacrifice created a protective shield over Harry and allowed him to survive Voldemort's killing curse, which then backfired and reduced Voldemort to a body-less spirit. Lily was known for having distinctive green eyes, which were passed down to Harry. A hat which magically sorts the incoming first-year students into the appropriate Hogwarts house. According to legend, each of the four founders incorporated elements of their own personalities into the hat so that it would be capable of selecting students for each house after the four founders were no longer able to do so.

When Harry puts on the Sorting Hat, the hat immediately senses that Harry has skills that are well-suited to Slytherin House. However, upon Harry's insistence, the Sorting Hat decides not to place him in Slytherin and puts him in Gryffindor instead. Ron Weasley's mother. When Harry is unable to figure out how to access Platform Nine and three-quarters, Mrs. Weasley is very kind to him and helps him through dividing barrier. She also sends him a box of fudge and a hand-knit sweater for Christmas. Ron's third-eldest brother and a fifth-year student in Gryffindor House.

After being made a Prefect, Percy received an owl named Hermes from his parents and gave his old rat, Scabbers, to Ron.

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Argus Filch is the caretaker of Hogwarts and delights in wandering the halls of the school, trying to find students who are breaking the rules. A squib or non-magical person born into a wizarding family , Mr. Filch's most trusted companion is his cat, Mrs. A famous alchemist, the only known maker of the Sorcerer's Stone, and Professor Dumbledore's particular friend. Fearing that the Stone might be at risk, Flamel asked Professor Dumbledore to take the Stone to Hogwarts in order to give it the school's full protection. During the book, Flamel is already years old explaining why Harry, Ron, and Hermione had a difficult time learning his identity from the modern history textbooks in the library.

Wood spends several outside hours training Harry to be a Seeker for the team and is known for giving long speeches before matches. Lee serves as commentator for the Hogwarts Quidditch matches and is known for being particularly negative in his commentary of the Slytherin team. A first-year student in Gryffindor. One of Harry's roommates, Seamus is "half-blood," meaning that only one of his parents has magical abilities. Ron Weasley's second oldest brother, who works with dragons in Albania. The Slytherin house ghost. With the exception of Professor Dumbledore, the Bloody Baron is the only character who is able to control Peeves, the obnoxious poltergeist who haunts Hogwarts.

Nancy Kennedy. Money Shot is actually the second book in the Teddy Fay series. I just added it, thanks for noticing and telling me. Carol Handley. Todd Everett. Taty O. Janice l Pyfrin. John Herrmann. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Maas books? Box books? Follow Us Facebook Twitter. Last Reading Guides. November 28, November 25, November 21, November 18, November 14, Deuteronomy And there you will serve man-made gods of wood and stone, which cannot see or hear or eat or smell. Psalm Their idols are silver and gold, made by the hands of men.

Psalm The idols of the nations are silver and gold, made by the hands of men. Jeremiah I will pronounce My judgments against them for all the evil they did, when they abandoned Me to burn incense to other gods and to worship the works of their own hands.

Jeremiah I have listened and heard; they do not speak what is right. No one repents of his wickedness, asking, "What have I done? Daniel As they drank the wine, they praised their gods of gold and silver, bronze and iron, wood and stone. Daniel Instead, you have exalted yourself against the Lord of heaven.

The vessels from His house were brought to you, and as you drank wine from them with your nobles, wives, and concubines, you praised gods of silver and gold, bronze and iron, wood and stone, which cannot see or hear or understand. But you have failed to glorify the God who holds in His hand your very breath and all your ways. Micah I will also cut off the carved images and sacred pillars from among you, so that you will no longer bow down to the work of your own hands.

Acts At that time they made a calf and offered a sacrifice to the idol, rejoicing in the works of their hands. Acts And you can see and hear that not only in Ephesus, but in nearly the whole province of Asia, Paul has persuaded a great number of people to turn away. He says that man-made gods are no gods at all. And I do not want you to be participants with demons. Revelation Even though I have given her time to repent of her immorality, she is unwilling. Revelation For the power of the horses was in their mouths and in their tails; indeed, their tails were like snakes, having heads with which to inflict harm.

Revelation Furthermore, they did not repent of their murder, sorcery, sexual immorality, and theft.