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My copywriting idol, the late-great Dan Kennedy used to say his biggest pet peeve was when the business owners he was consulting with would say:.

How to Make the Most of Your Sales Letter Campaign

My Business Is Different. I want you to simply TRY using one of my sales letters in your business. In can be for a direct mail campaign, an online sales page or both. Right now I have a special offer for new clients. How can I make such an offer? Because I am completely and totally confident in my ability to increase your sales and profits through my sales letter copywriting.

So, I KNOW if you are also an honest business person which I am sure you are that I will never have to worry about refunding your money.

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This guarantee is here to eliminate ANY doubt you might have about making this investment in your business. Dear Friend: If you want to experience explosive growth in your business and with as little risk as possible, then there is nothing more effective then a kick-ass direct response sales letter.

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The purpose of a sales letter is to… Get the attention of your target market… Build up interest… Stoke desire… And ultimately to have a specific action taken place. There is no better way to tell the FULL story of your sales message.

To fully answer every possible objection your prospect might have. The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge. For that is the whole purpose of The Journal: To give its readers knowledge — knowledge that they can use in business…. They do. His examples are men because the Wall Street Journal was read almost exclusively by men at the time. The men were both married. By targeting his consumer, he was able to coax the reader into their shoes, and it just so happens that the shoes they fill walk into Wall Street Journal territory.

I want to stress this point before we get to imagery, because in copywriting, clarity is infinitely more important.

So get to the point quickly and cut the fluff. Those words create a picture and even an effective sales environment for the reader. The battle has been uphill. The more you get your reader to say yes, the better your chances are of making the sale. The Unique Selling Proposition? The buying benefits are similar to the USP, but are less unique. A good magazine article or blog post completes the story circle by connecting the intro with the conclusion.

How to write a $1,000 sales letter (that sells at all times of the day)

Go buy a REAL thesaurus. The top writers all have a dog eared thesaurus. The entire purpose of the PS section is to give your reader one last extra nudge toward the finish line. Today social media is our 1 channel to generate new appraisal leads out of everything else we do. Your details are safe with us.

How To Write Killer Sales Letter that Makes You Money

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